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@. ≠ 4 Part I — “Why?”

Oct 18 2

  At. Not for. I work at Google. I don’t work for Google. The Powers-that-Be are a wee bit particular about that distinction, and I don’t blame them. The guy who badges-in to fill the vending machines at Foggy Bottom works at the CIA, he doesn’t work for the CIA. Makes sense. Google only hires […]


Jul 20 3

  Well howdy. I’ve been in a bubble of secrecy for a while. A long while. The company that moved me to Tampaland was bought by a bigger company. We were acquired. My position in the new company was uncertain. My (lucrative) Tech Writer position at the old company was always a bit odd. I […]

Virtual Reality-Check

May 16 2

  Back in 2001-ish I was a single man. My limitations on my life were – for the most part – determined by my bank account; ergo whatever ether wisps of pecuniary leverage that remained after I paid the mortgage, truck note, and child support. One of the ways to make my entertainment dollar stretch […]


Mar 01 3

I sit and watch the cursor blink. I sit and scratch and try to think. Every day here in Base Camp Papa Hotel brings something new; something I could write about. But I don’t. There’s a point where you stop pointing at all the streaks of color pouring past you and just spit and say, […]