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Atlanta is a Lie

Jan 04 4

In the summer of 2000, my then ten-year-old son and I drove to Orlando for a pauper’s vacation. I had virtually no money. If Molly Moots hadn’t let us crash at her house in Tampa, there’s no way I could have afforded the trip. I had barely enough money budgeted for two tickets to Universal […]

Falling into Place

Dec 07 2

Moving out-of-state is a pretty big task. It’s a checklist that expands faster than one can check the completed boxes. There are two horns on this bull. One project is getting my wife moved. She’s my Advance Team; Pocahontits.  She’s got to find us a pet-friendly apartment that offers a short-term lease while we scout houses. The […]

Onward and Downward

Nov 24 5

My Beautiful Wife and I had our first conversation about possibly moving to Florida over two years ago. It was just an idea. We’re empty nesters, so why not get a jump on the next phase of our lives? Where do we want to be? Where are we best positioned for retirement? She wants to […]

Jerald Benton McDonald 1942 – 2015

Nov 18 7

Jerald Benton McDonald, passed this Earth on November 17, 2015 from complications related to colon cancer at the age of 73. Born in 1942, his middle name was supposed to be Benjamin, but the clerk confused his address on Benton Place as she typed his birth certificate. That’s the way it happened in 1942. Somebody […]

Too Long. Too Short. Too Much Muchness.

Oct 22 2

My inner-logician nudges me to score things. Is *it* good or is it bad? Did *this* work, or did *that* work? It’s tough when life-events that beg to be scored defy easy categorization. The Cliff’s Notes reads as follows: Cancer Dad beat colon cancer. Four months later dad had a kidney blockage and CAT scans […]