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Eff-Around Friday

Jul 26 1

Life is irony, isn’t it? Explaining My Beautiful Wife’s parental lineage requires a PowerPoint, some flowcharts, and six credit hours at the local community college. The takeaway is that her state-hopping, oft-moving parental unit father has finally retired nearby. Almost simultaneously, the World’s Greatest Mother-in-Law, the one who has always lived within walking distance of […]

I’m Number Two (and Absolutely Delighted!)

Jul 25 4

Six years ago I had a perfectly serviceable secret social media identity. Killing off  that imaginary person was way harder than I expected. Much harder. I can’t even remember why I started with the pseudonym in the first place. I think I was speaking truth to power to agents, back when agents blogged. It was […]

Oh, the Humanity

Jul 24 2

Blog Rule #1: Have something to say. There was a time when I could sit down at my desk five days-a-week and reflexively cough out a column before my coffee required a warm-up. Lately, I’m clenched; afraid that if I start speaking truth to power, I’ll end up screaming like my character Neal from Selfie. […]

Selfie for Beta Readers

Jul 23 2

The Selfie betareader copy has been removed. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to the conversation and provided edits, criticisms, and the much-appreciate compliment. If anybody still needs to finish reading, email me or IM me through Facebook.  I’ll send you the latest copy.