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The Crow

Feb 12 8

As we’ve discussed, only two percent of authors seeking agent representation will ever be signed. The Blue Fairy is one elusive bitch. I’m delighted to tell you that I am officially a Two Percenter. Selfie was accepted for representation by The Transatlantic Agency. It’s a Canadian agency with agents and representation channels in the U.S. […]

He Stopped Loving Her Today

Dec 04 1

I have a friend who falls in love a lot. It follows that she must also fall out of love a lot. When she’s in love, there is no one more in love with being in love than she. It’s kind of beautiful. It’s also kind of exhausting for all concerned. But every time she […]

Li’l Help? Thanks!

Sep 12 0

My Beautiful Wife watches Rocky movies the way old ladies watch the 700  Club.  If one of the six Rocky movies is on cable, channel surfing will cease and desist. She will—WE will watch that goddamn movie from whatever point we pick it up until the credits finish rolling. I love my wife. The Rocky Thing™ […]

Hail Query

Sep 04 2

I’m seething. Absolutely spitting mad. Indulge me a metaphor moment, please.  The Call of Duty video game: Multiplayer mode, where our avatars swim in Sony’s map environment, humans playing against one another. There are times when I will see another guy’s avatar running across the map. Because of the angle, there is no way he […]


Aug 14 0

This is the math writers don’t want to know. These are the facts. The largest “target” publishing genre, the one with the most voracious audience of readers, is Young Adult.  If you are a writer, your very best odds of publishing are tied to the YA market. Step One to publishing your YA masterpiece is […]

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