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Onward and Downward

Nov 24 5

My Beautiful Wife and I had our first conversation about possibly moving to Florida over two years ago. It was just an idea. We’re empty nesters, so why not get a jump on the next phase of our lives? Where do we want to be? Where are we best positioned for retirement? She wants to […]


Feb 24 2

I kept kicking the notion of a new blog entry down the road until some life-events played out. Then the missus and I were fussing, and I don’t blog when we’re fussing. I’m certain to say something that will escalate, even if I was writing about the prayer ritual of Tibetan monks. Somehow that would constitute […]


Feb 04 1

In my town we have a consumer reporter named Elliot Davis. He’s a caricature of a journalist. Elliot has made a long and successful career asking local politicians the following question: “How can you spend money on [INSERT GOOD THING] in your town when there is [UNRELATED BAD THING] in your town?” “Mr. Mayor, how […]

The Magic Pills

Dec 09 0

As I came into my teenage years I was eaten alive by depression. At the time I thought my issue was that life as a teenager just sucked. And it pretty much did for me. I didn’t understand that the chemistry of my brain was at war with itself. There were too many other factors […]

Chaotic Neutral

Nov 10 1

Net neutrality is back in the news. As an anti-regulation Libertarian who works for an Internet provider, I have one foot on the dock and one foot in the boat. From my precariously centrist POV, please permit me to explain something to you: It just doesn’t fucking matter. With or without regulation, you — the consumer — […]