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John Day 2015

Mar 13 2

Postmarked February 13, 1991   Dear Ian,* Hi! I’m your Uncle John. Well, sort of your uncle. Actually you are just the first kid that any of my friends have made, and through no fault of your own you have inherited me. For the rest of your life you will be plagued by visits from […]

It Was Nice Knowing You

Dec 12 1

In a couple of hours I will pack my work laptop into my backpack. I will walk out the door of my employment and not come back until 2015. That’s a long stretch. I’ve got three writing projects I can work on; dare to dream, perhaps even complete one of them. I’ve got countless Honey-Do […]


Nov 07 1

I don’t know what is wrong with me. I don’t get flu shots. I’m of the mind that when nature’s Wheel of Bacterium stuffs a bug in my bloodstream, I should just say thank you and ride it out. I don’t think the crud that washed over me for the last three days was influenza. […]

Death By To-Do List

Oct 10 1

I’ve been slacking for a while. I haven’t cut my lawn in weeks. Lots of baseball and bullets, but not a lot of sweat equity. This will be one of those payment-due weekends where I look forward to Monday so I can just sit in a chair for a while. We’ve got a drippy shower […]

The Games People Play

Sep 26 0

My only checklist item for the weekend is to get a care package to the college dormitory-bound daughter of a friend. The lovely has no car and no job. Now she’s fresh out of Capri Sun and brownies that mom packed her for move-in. Poor thing. Lest I be mistaken for an empathetic individual with […]