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Aug 13 0

My son is named after Ian Fleming, who died 50 years ago yesterday. They both were lousy high school students. For that matter, so was I. Fleming dropped out of Eaton College before they could kick him out and moved on to military officers’ training at Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, southwest of London. He had […]

But You Knew That

Aug 06 0

Weirdness on my current job front.  Our building is getting a much needed makeover: Carpet and paint. They ordered us to work from home for a month while the place undergoes renno. First they told us that we had to be out of the office no later than close of business Friday. I warned my boss that […]

The King Is Dead. Long Live the King’s Back Catalog

Jul 23 0

J.D. Salinger got wood from shutting down efforts to republish his early New Yorker and Story magazine shorts. He loved fucking with small publishers. He famously pulled the rug out from under a number of small presses for hair splitting reasons after arduous negotiations to republish his early work. Books were printed and waiting to […]

Under the Dumb

Jul 09 0

I’d like to tell you that Under the Dome was my last straw with Stephen King. I’d like to tell you that King’s admission that the villain of UtD was supposed to be Dick Cheney was the point where I’d finally had enough of King shoving his political cock down my throat at least once […]