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Jul 20 3

  Well howdy. I’ve been in a bubble of secrecy for a while. A long while. The company that moved me to Tampaland was bought by a bigger company. We were acquired. My position in the new company was uncertain. My (lucrative) Tech Writer position at the old company was always a bit odd. I […]


Mar 01 3

I sit and watch the cursor blink. I sit and scratch and try to think. Every day here in Base Camp Papa Hotel brings something new; something I could write about. But I don’t. There’s a point where you stop pointing at all the streaks of color pouring past you and just spit and say, […]

Atlanta is a Lie

Jan 04 4

In the summer of 2000, my then ten-year-old son and I drove to Orlando for a pauper’s vacation. I had virtually no money. If Molly Moots hadn’t let us crash at her house in Tampa, there’s no way I could have afforded the trip. I had barely enough money budgeted for two tickets to Universal […]

Falling into Place

Dec 07 2

Moving out-of-state is a pretty big task. It’s a checklist that expands faster than one can check the completed boxes. There are two horns on this bull. One project is getting my wife moved. She’s my Advance Team; Pocahontits.  She’s got to find us a pet-friendly apartment that offers a short-term lease while we scout houses. The […]

Cover Model

Aug 31 3

  In 2011 Donald Trump considered a run for President. Seth Meyers, ensconced (solo) behind the Saturday Night Live fake news desk mused, “If saying that you were going to do something was the same thing as doing it, my dad would be on the cover of ‘Finished Basement’ magazine.” I rolled off the couch […]